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Well folks, it’s June again. We could sit here and talk about all the wonderful things that come with Summer: vacation, lighter traffic, long days, cold drinks. But we all know there is only one thing that really matters: the new 2017-2018 Lilly Pulitzer Agenda is finally here!!

I am so fudging excited to bring you my 3rd annual review of the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda. It’s gorgeous, the prints are to die for, and I think they have even cleaned up the format a bit to create the best agenda they have ever released.

Overview-sizes, measurements, patterns

Here’s a quick overview of what is available this year. You can click on the “X” to be taken to Amazon where you can buy your very own agenda. *Disclaimer: The Amazon links used in this post are affiliate links.

Size Measurements Beach Loot Beach and Bae Flamenco Sparkling Sands Gypsea Flamenco Beach Off The Grid
Jumbo 8 3/4″ x 11 1/4″ X X X
Large 6 3/4″ x 8 7/8″ X X X X X
Medium 5″ x 8 1/4″ X X X X

I bought the Large in Flamenco Beach this year. The large is the perfect size for my personal use as someone who is not a teacher or a student. The jumbo is great for teachers and students and the medium is nice for those that want something portable.

Let’s talk about the updates for the 2017-2018 Lilly Pulitzer Agenda:

-Size Small is not available this year. I know a lot of people like the Small for its extreme portability but I honestly felt like it was too tiny to write in and use easily. You’ll need to upgrade to the Medium this year if you’ve used the small previously. It’s only about a 1″ difference so it shouldn’t feel like too big of a change between the two.

-Gold, Gold, Gold! Lilly brought back the gold foil details, the gold spiral binding, and the gold elastic strap this year. Can I get an Amen?! The gold detailing makes the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda so beautiful and luxe looking.

-Reduction of superfluous pages. Lets be real. The Lilly Pulitzer Agenda is a chunk. There is a lot going on in there and it can be a lot to lug around if you choose to travel with it. In the past, they’ve added a lot of extra pages that weren’t really useful and just added to the weight of the agenda. While there isn’t a huge reduction in pages, they did seem to shave off a few, most notably with the removal of the 5×5 art section from last year.

-Updated monthly view. This year’s monthly view has a bit more space to write in than before. You’ll still get the gorgeous Lilly prints on all of the agenda pages but I think they’ve made some positive changes to the formatting to include more writing space.

-Other features. New stickers, a new monthly goals page, plus gorgeous new Lilly prints to enjoy all year long.

OK Lilly Lovers. It’s time for the good stuff. The pictures!

Front and Back Cover



Inside cover and pocket page


Back of pocket page and The Lilly Story


Sticker page 1

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Sticker page 2

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Goals for 2018 (new!)

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

2017/2018/2019 yearly calendar

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Dates to celebrate (2 pages)

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Escape plan (vacation planning-10 pages)

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Numbers and addresses (4 pages)

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Notes (10 pages)

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

August 2017-example cover, monthly, and weekly view

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda


Other months-cover pages only

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Lilly Pulitzer Agenda



So tell me Lilly Lovers, what agenda are you getting this year and what do you use it for?

2 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer Agenda 2017-2018 Review”

  1. I need to buy a new Lilly planner this year as my old one ran out in Dec. 2016 so I had to use a smaller one from Target to last me through May of this year! I’m excited for another Lilly planner and TWO sticker pages?!?!?!??! Hahaha this is probably going to be my favorite part of the whole thing. All of the designs this year are so fun too but I think I’ll end up going with the large Beach Loot agenda 🙂

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