Sometimes I want to chat with y’all without doing a whole recipe post so I’ve decided to start a state of the blog type series where I can just come on here and say whatever the hey I want. Maybe it will be food related (probably), maybe not. Let’s just go with it and figure it out later.

I haven’t really updated the blog in a few weeks because I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis around the blog and my own personal eating habits. It’s pretty much Spring here in Atlanta and that means I can no longer pretend like my hibernation-esque eating habits during the Winter didn’t happen. So my blog repertoire of Buttermilk Pound Cake and Chinese Hot Dog Buns aren’t doing me any favors. But the reason I love this blog so much is that I share things with you that I love and actually eat. So when I’m no longer eating as much of those comfort foods, I’m not really sure how to share recipes with you.

But then I sort of had a come to jesus moment and realized that if I’m feeling this way about food, there are probably a lot of other people out there who feel the same way and we can all feel that way together. Basically what I’m saying is that I’m going to be sharing some of the healthier meals I’ve been eating recently. Because they are delicious too, just in a different way than say, French Toast Casserole.

The other moment I had was just about general posting efforts here. I know this is basically a recipe blog but I don’t always feel like sharing a recipe. Sometimes I just want to chat, like I’m doing here, or share food related stuffs in a non-recipe format. I think sometimes when you start a blog you sort of pigeon hole yourself into one type of post because it seems to be what people want but I think what people REALLY want is to get to know someone authentically and share mutual interests. Just like friends in real life. So posts like these may not get me as many page views as my Crock Pot Pulled Pork but I think it’s important to be creative in my own way and just let things happen as they may.

And now for something completely different, here are a few current faves and goings-on:

Latest Dinners

I don’t cook every night but I love getting inspiration from other people’s dinner plans to spice up my own rotation. Here’s what I’ve made in the past week or so:

Trader Joe’s frozen Mandarin Orange Chicken, broccoli, Great Grains Brown Rice/Quinoa blend (Costco). I absolutely love Trader Joe’s frozen section and their Chinese inspired dishes are particularly good. The mongolian chicken is my personal fave but this mandarin orange chicken was quite tasty.

Sriracha coconut shrimp with pineapple dipping sauce (recipe coming soon), gingered carrots (recipe coming soon), and corn bread (Jiffy mix). Did you ever notice how adjectives are now verbs when it comes to describing food? It’s no longer ginger carrots or mint tea, it’s gingerED carrots and mintED tea. Like the ginger and mint formed a street gang and happened upon the carrots and tea in a dark alleyway.

The dreamiest, creamiest enchiladas with cocoa infused enchilada sauce. I love making these with ground turkey for a leaner meal.

BLT’s on ciabatta bread, pasta salad for the hun buns, salad for me. If I do say so myself, I make freaking amazing BLT’s. I use thick cut bacon and arugula instead of regular lettuce for a nice peppery bite. Obviously Duke’s mayo is a MUST. I warm the ciabatta bread a bit and it’s just mouthwatering. Sometimes ciabatta can be too…bread-y so I’ll scoop some of the innards out for a better bread to sandwich fixings ratio.

General dessert action-It’s strawberry season y’all. Go getchu some. I’ve been diving into some strawberry shortcake with some sliced strawberries, a nice little sponge cake, and some light whipped cream. I like to slice the strawberries and let them sit for about ten minutes to get all juicy and nummy before adding it to the cake and whipped cream.

I’ve been taking a greek chicken quinoa bowl to work for lunch and it is really keeping me full and happy through the work day. I’ll have this recipe up soon too.

Latest Reads

I just finished Outer Banks by Anne Rivers Siddons. ARS is one of those quintessential Southern writers, along with Pat Conroy, that just speaks to me and this particular book is probably my second favorite of hers behind Peachtree Road.

I’m currently reading Mistakes I Made At Work which I received for free during a work women’s group roundtable discussion. Got to love employers who develop their employees! This book is aimed at women but appropriate for anyone in the workforce. It contains twenty-five interviews with successful women and their toughest on-the-job moments.

Also diving into The Paris Wife which is a fictional account of Ernest Hemingway’s time with his first wife romping around Paris with the rest of the “lost generation”.

Follow me on Goodreads if you’re a bookworm too!

Latest Eats

The hun buns and I had some super yum dinners out this week here in Atlanta/Sandy Springs. First up was Rock ‘N’ Taco, a new-to-Sandy Springs Tex Mex joint that specializes in unique tacos. We started with the spicy chicken strips which at first glance didn’t sound that special to me BUT THEN a plate appeared with juicy buttermilk battered chicken strips topped with spicy ranch and served on a bed of garlic fries. Yes please. We ordered three tacos each and this place really has their flavor profiles on point. The tacos aren’t huge but the ingredients are high quality and really satisfying. I had the Tuna Poke (sushi grade ahi, seaweed salad, and orange wasabi sauce in a wonton shell), the Eye of the Tiger Shrimp (blackened shrimp, mango chutney, and red citrus slaw), and the Mediterranean (smoked salmon, pico, capers, goat cheese, and basil aioli). Oh mama. Hun buns had the Carne Asada (flank steak, red onion, cilantro, and lime), the Crabby (lump crab meat, purple cabbage slaw, and chipotle remoulade), and the Brisket (brisket, carmelized onions, poblano peppers, gouda, and BBQ sauce). Nomnomnom. Our taco choices actually sum us up quite well: Brian likes it spicy and I like it seafood-y.

Have I ever told you that the hun buns’ name is Brian? Well now you know. Consider yourself introduced. I’m still going to call him hun buns because it’s obnoxious.

This was obviously the weekend of buttermilk battered chicken because next up was Rock’s Chicken and Fries. I didn’t know where this place was and Brian basically has no idea where anything in general is so when we showed up to our destination per Google maps I was like “Are we seriously going to the Phipps Plaza mall food court”? But indeed we did. I was trying to be “good” and ordered my chicken sandwich grilled but instead they brought me a buttermilk battered fried chicken sandwich and I was all OK someone is saying I need to eat more fried food so I ate it. And lord almighty that sandwich was delicious. It was like Chik-fil-a chicken sandwich level deliciousness. Like even better but I can’t say that or I’ll be kicked out of Georgia. As far as I know this mall food court is their only location which is super weird but I would totally go again just to eat there. It was that good.

Last up was dinner at Marlowe’s Tavern-an oldie but a goodie. They do a Bayou ‘n’ Bourbon thing every year about this time and we like to go for some strong adult beverages and delicious food. Brian lurves their Jambalaya but doesn’t know how to eat crawfish. We’re working on it. I had some sort of lemonade with alcohol and mint in it and their regular menu ahi tuna salad which is freaking great when you are trying to pretend to be healthy.

Latest Other Stuffs

I had to go get 4 pounds of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans at Costco on a Sunday at 3:30pm for a work thang and lived to tell the tale. The end.

I’m trying to grow lettuce again this year. Last year I planted the seeds a bit too shallow and the loverly sprouts basically bent over at the lightest sprinkle of water. So this year I decided the thing to do was NOT plant them too shallow. It’s been five days and I’ve already got sprouts for some kale and mesclun mix. I’ll do some herbs again this year but I like to go from starter plants so I’m waiting on the BOGO at Home Depot that they do every Spring.

I now have two work from home days per week and it’s BLISSFULL. I was straight up taking conference calls from my sun-drenched porch last week like a baller.

Does anyone else use Fitness Blender workouts? Lord they are tough. Total sweatfests but pretty fun too. Really good if you like HIIT cardio and lots of strength trainings.


Ok that’s all from me for now. I feel much better getting some of these feels out there on the blog. Please leave me a comment to say hello and let me know what is going on with you. What have you been eating, reading, and doing lately?



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