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Welcome to my food blog!!

I’m glad you came across my blog! Here you can learn a little more about me and my everyday life. I have always loved to cook and to try new recipes. I hope you enjoy my recipes and stop by my food blog again soon.
My name is Regina, I am an enthusiastic hobby cook and I live in Germany with my husband Christian and our German Shepherd Alva. Our children left home many years ago and started their own families. Before I even had the chance to get used to cooking smaller portions, it turned out that this would not be necessary at all. Regularly, one of my children asks, “What are you having today?” or “What are you cooking this weekend?” and in the end, the dining room table is filled with the whole family again. I always enjoy this hustle and bustle, and I am happy when my children and grandchildren eat together with us, because it’s
a great tradition in our family. I would choose a meal together with friends and family over a party any day, usually even over going to a restaurant!

When I’m not in my kitchen trying out new recipes for you, I love playing with my little grandkids and walking our dog Lilly through the woods or along the river. We are very lucky because we live right on the edge of the forest, so we can enjoy the beautiful fresh air of the forest at any time. Another passion I have is traveling. Within Europe, the most beautiful vacation destination for us is France. For about 30 years, my husband and I have spent several weeks a year there – preferably in quiet and scenic small villages. We also appreciate this beautiful atmosphere in Spain and Italy. I also feel a great attraction for South America, where Colombia in particular has captured my heart. It fascinates me to stroll through the markets there or to visit a large

I find that you can get to know a country and its culture very well through their food culture. The smells of foreign spices and ripe fruit have a very special appeal to me. When I travel, I always try regional dishes and try everything. That’s why you won’t find only traditional German cuisine on my blog, but also a few dishes that I encountered on our travels.

I love authentic cuisine with fresh seasonal ingredients. I actually love to eat in general and have to keep an eye on my weight from time to time, something that doesn’t always work out, especially in the last few months when I’ve been working intensively on this food blog. Many times I have been standing at the stove instead of swinging my hips to Zumba rhythms. I’m a bit of a mess in the kitchen and sometimes my kitchen looks like a battlefield after cooking, but I don’t mind at all. On the contrary, I love to tinker wildly in the kitchen and look forward to the end result every time. To relax, I like to make myself comfortable and read a nice book or play a game of backgammon.
I am overjoyed every time my recipes succeed and can make other people happy with them. To give a greater insight into my “cooking everyday life” and to share my favorite recipes with you, I launched my German food blog in November 2014 and have been filling it regularly with new posts ever since. The great interest in my blog and my recipes then opened other doors for me. I have already had the pleasure of cooking and baking in various formats on German television several times. In July 2016, I accepted the great challenge to participate in the first season of “Master Chef Germany”, of the nearly 3,000 applicants I
made it into the top 10. I am also incredibly happy that a few of my recipes have been published in very nice cookbooks, one of them in a lovely cookbook especially for children! In recent years, my blog “Kochen aus Liebe”, which best translates to “Cooking because I love it” has continued to change. In the meantime, it has finally taken on exactly the shape I

Always wanted it to. A dear friend of mine has put this into practice for me, and I couldn’t be more thankful for his ability to implement my ideas so accurately. At night, I dreamed of recipes and thing I wanted for the blog and in the morning I messaged him my thoughts and asked if he could change this and that. I am sure that I have caused him a gray hair or two with my ideas and the request for implementation. I have since learned many things and have become very capable of working with the website myself. Now it is finished, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I am overjoyed that I can now publish this blog, which I
have built up, with so much love and passion, in English to make my recipes accessible to cooking enthusiasts around the world. I try very hard to find the right words, but please
forgive me if you happen to find a little mistake. On my food blog you will find many simple, German and international family recipes for every day, including recipes from my mother and grandmother, which have a long family tradition. You’ll find recipes that are suitable for any occasion and for the whole family. I like to be
inspired by magazines, cookbooks and cooking shows, and I like to try a lot to make my own
creations after eating something on vacation or in a restaurant. I always try to buy fresh ingredients of the season and attach great importance to quality. I very often buy regional organic goods and try to buy the meat that I use from species- appropriate animal farming. We are lucky and have many farmers in the area who sell their goods both on the farm and at the weekly market. I find this way of shopping very nice and
an experience in itself. I hope you enjoy reading, strolling through and trying out my cooking and baking recipes!
Love Regina

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